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Why Use A Web Based Check By Phone / Fax System?

We have installed and customized many pc based check by phone/fax systems for private companies. During these projects we discovered that even with a full time IT staff, many of our clients still experienced problems installing and running their systems.

We decided that there must be a better way, and there was. From this concept we created

It Always Works
We have historically provided 99.99% uptime. No more MICR font issues, botched installs or upgrades. Just click and go!

No Installs Or Updates
Because it is web based, no installation is required. And updates happen automatically.

More Cost Effective
Because our system always works, we do not require a large support staff. This allows us to provide a better service for less money.

Our servers are housed in a world class datacenter. Here are a few security measures we take
  • The servers are locked in a secure server cabinet
  • The datacenter requires bio-metric authentication to enter the server room
  • All sensitive data is encrypted at the database level
  • We use SSL 128 bit encryption on the site
  • Your data is automatically backed up on a nightly basis
Unless you have these measure in place, your data is safer with us than it is on your own computers

Web VS PC Based Comparison

Web Based PC Based
Cost .50 per transaction $149 and up
Account Setup Immediate 3 - 14 days
MICR Fonts Embedded In PDF Requires Install
Upgrades Automatic & FREE Purchased/Installed
# Users Unlimited 1 at a time
Compatability All Computers PC only