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My Account Check Gateway (API)

Check Gateway Overview now has the ability to act as a gateway for processing your check draft payments. This functionality allows you to 'post' checks via our HTTP gateway into your account

What Does It Cost?

A fundamental concept at is 'more for less', with this in mind we have decided to add the Check Gateway to all account at no additional charge. Using the gateway costs the same as processing single or recurring check drafts.

How does it work?

The gateway was modeled after the credit card processing gateways. Your web site or third party software simply creates an HTTP post and posts the check information to your account. Your checks are then available to print as normal

How can I start Using The Gateway?

The good news is that the gateway is now a standard feature of all accounts. Simply Logon to your account, Click 'Configure' then click 'Check Gateway'. Here you will find simple and technical details on how to use the check gateway API.