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Why Should I Take Checks By Phone Or Fax?

Accepting checks by phone/fax is quickly becoming the most economical and fast method of receiving payment. The phone and utility companies have been doing it for over a decade.
Funds Accessibility
Not everyone has a credit card, or the card is maxed out. However, almost all people and business have a checking account.
Economical To Use
Because of how efficiently we run CheckComposer, we are able to offer the service with no monthly fees and a very low per check charge.
Quick Availability Of Funds
The Federal Reserve created the Check-21 law on 10.28.2004, this system digitally processes paper checks to facilitate rapid transfer of funds. This means that you get paid faster!
CheckComposer ACH/EFT Credit Card
Setup Cost $0 $149 $149
Trans Cost $0.20 $0.95 & 2-3% of sale 2-3% of sale
Account Setup 1 day 7 - 21 days 7-21 days
Chargebacks No* Yes Yes
Funds Available 1-2 days* 2-3 days 2-3 days
Customer Needs Checking Acct Checking Acct Credit Card

*Your customer cannot 'charge back' a check and they are more inclined to have the funds available, because he/she will incur a bank fee for insufficient funds.
**for banks which are check-21 compliant - results may vary